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Top 5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Site

To drive traffic is a large factor in succeeding at affiliate marketing.

You need to be constantly working to drive more traffic to your site. But how do you do this? Read on to learn five techniques to help you out.

A lot of people think that once they've set up an affiliate website, they can sit back and relax. The truth, however, is that affiliate marketing takes hard work and dedication. If it were easy to get rich online, everyone would do it, wouldn't they?

To make money off of your affiliate website, you can't wait for people to come to you. You need to drive traffic to your site with a take-no-prisoners attitude. You need to take an all of the above approach to make "quit your day job" money.

Wanna know how you can make this happen? Check out these five ways to drive traffic to your site.

1. Start A Blog

I cannot overstate the value of blogging on your affiliate site. Simply put, if you aren't blogging, you're failing.

First, blogs improve your search engine ranking. The key to effective blogging is keyword research. Keywords are the words or phrases entered into Google by users searching for information. Whatever you typed in to find this article is the keyword. Want proof that it works? You're here, aren't you?

Google looks for these keywords across the internet to determine what information is the most valuable for its users. Placing them in your articles helps search engines find your page and send readers to your blog.

Adding a call-to-action, such as signing up for a newsletter, increases your readership as well. Another great CTA is to ask for comments. This builds a sense of community on your site. These requests create a cycle in which new readers become regular visitors, improving your rankings more.

Second, blogs help establish your expertise in a subject. Customers are more likely to buy things from people they trust. A blog helps you build credibility and prove to the customer that you know the product or service you're selling. Think about it from your visitor's perspective: if you wouldn't buy from you, why should anyone else?

2. Use Social Media

Twitter and Facebook are for more than posting cat videos and sharing birthday pics. If you use these sites correctly, you'll grow your business and build a strong customer base that works for you.

First, always promote your blog's content online. Post the article with a catchy phrase or your favorite line from it to get people to click on it. Don't be afraid to experiment. Find out what makes people come to your page and use it.

When you post your article, encourage people to share it. Leave buttons on the bottom of your article that links to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. You have to tell the reader what you want them to do. People are always willing to spread informative articles.

Don't limit yourself to your product, either. Talk about the entire industry, including affiliate marketing. Let potential customers get information from you, not a competitor. The more they trust you, the more they'll buy from you.

Share Social Media

3. Put Videos On Your Website

Humans are visual creatures. We like to see things when making decisions, whether it's who to date, where to go, or what to buy.

Studies show that 73% of consumers are more likely to buy something after watching a video describing it. The video doesn't have to resemble a late night infomercial with an audience. You just have to show someone the product or service in action.

Let them know the benefits of what you offer, and show them real evidence that it does what it claims to do. These videos build trust in what you're selling and put a human face on your business.

4. Advertising To Drive Traffic

Paying for advertisements online is the fastest way to get visitors. Twitter and Facebook make it easy to reach thousands of people with targeted keywords that drive traffic to your affiliate site.

PPC campaigns on Google is another option, although they tend to be a little more expensive. The keyword research that you do for your blog will help limit the customers sent to your site. Try to limit your campaign to keywords that directly relate to your affiliate program.

This strategy will lower the number of people that click on your ad, but the people that do click are more likely to buy now. You don't want to waste money on ads that attract people who aren't going to convert from visitors to customers. Never spend money on customers that aren't going to spend money on you.

Bing and Yahoo, while smaller, still have 30% of the marketing share for search engines. They are cheaper than Google and will drive traffic to your site. If you're operating on a smaller budget, consider using these two search engines. You'll learn the ropes of online advertising without investing all your budget.

5. Do Your Research

Tools such as Buzzsumo help you keep an eye on your competitors to see what is working for them and what isn't. These tools help you see the performance of other site's content, allowing you to see what content performs well.

Once you know what people are reading and sharing on social media, you can jump in the fray. Take your competitor's ideas and improve them. By emulating their successful content, you can get readers to your website.

Traffic Research

Try to find out what keywords they are ranking for and determine if you can take business from them. Is this the nice thing to do? No, but business is about making money, not friends.

Are You Ready For Success?

There's a difference between wanting to be successful and being ready for success.

Everybody wants the money, but very few are ready to do the work to get there. If you want to succeed, be the few, not the many. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money for anybody willing to go the extra mile for success.

The good news is that you're already taking the right steps to succeed. By coming to this website, you're declaring that you're willing to put in the effort necessary to drive traffic to your website and make money.

The desire is the hard part, now you need the knowledge. Are you looking for articles that give you REAL advice without any fluff? Make sure you check out my other articles at Be An Affiliate Marketer and leave a comment down below if you want to share your story! Please share as well.

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Site

  1. Hey this was a really good article and i need to work on driving more traffic. I am on my site and looking at all my numbers every single night. My second site which is one of my other niche sites with affiliate links is not doing too good and not getting organic traffic. I am trying to switch things around to improve it, i really need to get more followers on my business facebook as well. Thats the only social media of mine lacking in followers.

  2. Hi Justin, Thank you. Keep plugging along. The traffic will come if you keep adding great content!

  3. Actually advertising can be a great opportunity since the traffic can be targeted and it is a quite fast way to drive traffic. However how should I evaluate the keywords? Should I just try and see? I am a complete beginner and if you can answer these that will be so cool.

  4. Hi Furkan. Exactly! You have to test everything you do to find out what works for your niche. If your going to advertise, say in Google Adwords… You should test different keywords and test different ads for those keywords. Hope that helps.

    Rich K

  5. You mentioned about putting videos in an affiliate blog, but what if I am not comfortable being in front of the camera – can I use someone else’s video? Will this become an issue of copyright infringement?

    Also, how do you share those videos on a blog? Looking to bring more traffic to my site so thanks in advance for your help.

  6. Yes, add a video if needed. No. Youtube and authors love the share. Click on the share link, copy and paste! Sorry for being short I could go on and on…

    Rich K

  7. @RichK9,

    Wow! Awesome post! Love the embedded video, too, especially that you’ve provided suggestions there that are different from those you wrote about. Made me feel like I was rewarded for playing the video. I’m not sure who did the video, but he presented the content in such a relaxed manner…lots of practice! And the points were presented with great clarity, as was the written content.

    Also, the page is clean and bright with colorful images carefully placed. Great example.

    Thank you!

  8. I have just finished reading your article and I learned from it. (That’s how it’s supposed to work right?). Very well written, nice job!

    I had not even considered advertising via Bing and Yahoo and thanks for pointing it out!

    Sometimes I think that we are all so indoctrinated by the importance of Google, that we lose sight of other options.

    Thanks for this post,


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